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Management Co. Professionals

AG&C understands the Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) Ordinance is new so our first priority is to help educate Management Co.’s and their Management Professionals about the  Ordinance and how the Audit process works.

AG&C works with property management to schedule all tests during preferred times, some not requiring entering units at all to perform.  We disclose all audit results during the process to keep management informed as we discover any potential inefficiency identified during testing.  Anytime during the audit process we can help implement efficiency upgrades if management desires.  No upgrades are required but any changes will help to improve test results and increase energy efficiency.   We keep extensive documentation of all tests, results and notes and will provide the completed audit before submission to Austin Energy for review by management.

Below are some commonly asked questions about the ECAD Ordinance.  AG&C is committed to making the Audit process simple so we will be happy to cover the Audit in more depth or answer specific questions when needed. 

1.  Q:  When does a Property need an Audit?
     A:  If the property consists of five or more dwellings, is located in the City of Austin and           receives electricity from Austin Energy.
2.  Q: When is the Audit required to be completed?
     A:  By June 1, 2011.
3.  Q:  Any exemptions to the Ordinance?
     A:  Yes, there are two.  The property must have met one of the following criteria to be            exempt.
          i.  Property is less than 10 years old on June 1, 2009
          ii. Property has completed comprehensive duct remediation work through Austin Energy               rebate programs or replaced air conditioning equipment for all units through Austin               Energy rebate programs within the past 10 years before June 1, 2009.
4.  Q: What does the Audit consist of?
     A: The auditor checks in each building for the following:
          i.   Duct Leakage Test:  10% of each type floor plan (1BR, 2BR, 3BR, etc.).
          ii.  Identifies windows that receive more than one hour of direct sunlight each day
          iii. Inspects and measures attic insulation in the top of each building
5.  Q: Who can the Audit be performed by?
     A: Auditors must be either BPI or RESNET certified and registered with Austin Energy.

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Austin Energy ECAD Brochure

For more information on the Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure Ordinance, please visit or call 974-7827.